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NEWS from the Aluminum Surfer:

November 14, 2006


razonrazones y proporciones resueltos Well, a whole lot has happened in the last few months. But some things never change. For example, I keep meaning to update my website, but get sucked into playing WoW instead. Yeah, I know. I suck.

Bakuretsucon has come and gone. Definitely a fun con. For everyone who's just finding out about me from Baku, you're probably saying "Wow. He wasn't kidding when he said his site wasn't finished!". Yeah. Told you so. Hopefully that'll be ending now though. There are a bunch of things added to the gallery, with more on their way. My next con isn't until April, so I should have time to get some pictures taken and posted.

You can also check out my Deviant Art page. It's a little easier to update, so it can act as a preview before I update here.

Now a bit of bad news. My endevours to make "glow-in-the-dark" chainmaille has failed rather miserably. They can't all be winners I suppose...

That's about it for now. Again, hopefully new pictures will be along shortly. If not, feel free to yell at me. I deserve it.

As always keep checking in for updates. Around here you never know when they might come! Stay tuned true believers!

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July 11, 2006

First I want to say Hi to everyone who's just finding this site after ConnectiCon. I had an absolute blast meeting a ton of new people and seeing some old friends again for the first time in far too long.

A couple of updates. I've been working really hard to get some new pictures taken so I can finish updating the gallery. Mostly new, higher resolution images of old favorites, but also a few new goodies that seemed to go over well. With any luck they'll be up by this weekend (though with my track record, it might be a little longer than that.) Specific pictures that I still need to take are of my first finished vest and the ever popular bells.

also, for those interested in my cryptic remarks of a few weeks ago, testing on my current project has finally begun. So look for updates in a week or so.

Now that the con season has wound down for a few months, I can finally start looking into making my own Charms and dangles to go on my chains. I'm looking into a couple of options, but the most promising is a kind of sterling silver that you sculpt instead of cast. I'm also looking into a few lower cost options for those on a tighter budget.

well, that's about it for right now. As always keep checking in for updates and new ideas. Stay tuned true believers!

June 19, 2006

Well it's certainly taken me long enough, but for those of you diligently waiting the site is ALMOST DONE! Still have some more pictures I want to add to the gallery, and I really want to get better pictures of some things, but one step at a time.

A few bits of business news to announce:

First, I WILL be at ConnectiCon again this year (July 7-9th), so if you're in the Hartford area and wanna make it to one hell of a convention, this should definitely be on your "to do" list.

Second, for anyone who's seen my UV reactive marbles in action and wish you could get one with a matching chain, keep you eyes peeled for updates in a few weeks. I don't want to say much since I've still got a lot of testing to do, but I will say it's one of my more interesting ideas. ;P

So stay tuned true believers!


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